Resident Evil 5: BSAA Emblem Guide

Chapter 3-1: There may be a better way to get this, but the only way we found was to use a rifle from the starting point, pointed out towards the post in the lake. You’ll see the emblem (just barely), and it’ll probably take a few shots to hit.

Chapter 3-1: The island near the middle of the lake contains the next emblem, this time tucked behind a hut. Stand just to the left of the landing spot and use either the pistol or rifle.

Chapter 3-1: As you can see on the radar, this one’s in the small village located in the upper left corner of the map. It’s sitting in the rafters.

Chapter 3-1: After collecting all the slates and opening the locked island door, you’ll find the last 3-1 emblem underneath the checkpoint. Simply hop down and turn around.

Chapter 3-2: You’ll eventually come to an area with TriCell tents – walk behind them and you’ll find this emblem taking a siesta in between the two tents.

Chapter 3-2: Irving will take off in his boat, prompting the oil refinery to explode. Before heading to the escape boat, kick in the nearby door to find this emblem kickin’ it on the wall in plain sight.

Chapter 3-3: You’ll have to shoot fast to hit it on the ceiling just before entering the first gated area. If you miss, you can still tag it while flipping the switch to open the gate.

Chapter 4-1: In the caves, climb the first wooden ladder, walk out halfway and look to the right. You should see this emblem resting near the bottom.

Chapter 4-1: Located in the first super-sized room, Sheva says she had no idea this place existed. Hop down once, then before you hop down again, use the rifle to look left and you should spot the next emblem way off in the distance. Check the video if you need more assistance.

Chapter 4-1: The next area is a room with tons of stairs that rise and fall based upon which switches you’ve pulled. Before doing ANYTHING, simply walk right and make the small jump, then up the stairs, and look to the right. You should see a green statue. The emblem is located a bit above the statue.

Chapter 4-2: A stage this huge and only one emblem hidden? Truly evil. Luckily we’ve already found it on the last floor of the reflecting laser puzzle. Go to the northern room (with the guy impaled by several spikes) and look above the doorway.

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