Reconstruction review

Christoffer Boe's stylish love story should come with its own health warning: so many of its characters smoke for so much of the time, you feel you're getting a nicotine hit off the screen. Full of longing looks and beautifully lit plumes of cigarette smoke, this Cannes Camera d'Or winner plays with the very notion of cinema and storytelling.

Photographer Alex (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) goes out with Simone (Marie Bonnevie) but feels suffocated by her. In a subway station he sees Aimee (Bonnevie again); she's married to August (Krister Henriksson), who's writing a novel in which Alex is a possible character...

Confused? Boe's only getting started. Later, Alex meets Aimee in a bar and the next day, his life isn't the same again. Quite literally, since nobody, not even Simone, seems to recognise him... If postmodern filmic sleights of hand aren't your bag, you'll likely find this pretentious, cold and calculating. Otherwise, it's glorious proof that Danish cinema isn't all Lars Von Trier.

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