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PS3 joining Saint's Row

Monday 15 January 2007
The expletive-heavy Saints Row, Xbox 360's none-more-gangster GTA-alike action game, will soon be invading new territory with a launch on PlayStation 3, according to a listing by US web retailer, EB Games.

The listing appeared in the PS3 section of EB Games' website last Friday, prompting immediate speculation that the game is indeed headed to Sony's console. The page has now been removed. 'Mistakes' like these have become common - perhaps EB is gauging customer response before filing an order - though it's probably safe to say Saints Row is PS3-bound.

Publisher THQ, however, is less than convinced, informing us that there has been "no announcement or confirmation for a PS3 version," and its only current plans for Saints Row are the two downloadable content packs for Xbox 360. THQ added that it didn't have any idea where EB had got the info to create a PS3 Saints Row entry. Surprised?