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Pokemon Monday 21 - Global Linkage

Episode21 highlights

For B%26amp;W importers: using thePokemon Global Linksite - Goherefor a handy translation of the sign-up page to make your Global Link account. It's easy! If you need your Game Sync ID, get it from the Game Sync settings menu in the start menu of B%26amp;W (instructions

Liberty Ticket download reminder- Also for importers, make sure you download the Liberty Ticket via the Mystery Gift Wi-Fi option before the event window ends Oct 18. Victini get!

This week'sPokemon spotlight- We discuss Minezumi, Yorterii, Choroneko and their evolutions. Which one is the least useless?

Pokemon of the week: Nidoking -The Drill Pokemon. Nidoking and Nidoqueen are unusual because each gender is a different species, but did you know that they're the only Poison/Ground-type Pokemon?

Question of the week: If you were living in the Pokemon world, which Pokemon would you be most afraid of running into in the wild?

See you next week!