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Person Of Interest Competition

Win! One of five copies of the first season of Person Of Interest on Blu-ray

In case you hadn’t heard, Person Of Interest is the best new show on TV. Created by Dark Knight screenwriter (and brother of Christopher) Jonathan Nolan and starring Jesus Jim Cavaziel and Ben Linus Michael Emerson. The season one DVD and Blu-ray is available from 18 March 2013

“John Reese (Cavaziel) a former elite CIA officer is homeless and presumed dead following the death of the woman he loves. When he is approached by a reclusive billionaire computer genius Harold Finch (Emerson) who lives under an assumed identity, they form a partnership to prevent and predict violent crimes using high-tech surveillance and their own brand of vigilante justice. Utilising a computer system commissioned by the US government, and built by Finch himself after the attacks of 9/11, Reese and Finch are able to receive details of imminent crimes, but never know what the crime will be, or whether the person that they have been notified of is a perpetrator or victim.”

It's like Batman: the TV series, only without the cape and cowl (yes, it really is that awesome). The Blu-ray and DVD extras include: an extended pilot episode, broadcast and extended pilot commentaries, a gag reel and “Living In An Age Of Surveillance” featurette; and you can win one of five copies on Blu-ray by answering the question behind this magic link .

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Jordan Farley
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