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Overwatch code hints at console plans

Don't feel glum about missing out on Blizzard's stylish new online shooter - the studio may already be planning to bring Overwatch to consoles. According to snippets of code discovered (via Eurogamer, and since removed) on Overwatch's official European site, the game is "Blizzard's team-shooter for PC and consoles."

Better still, Overwatch fan site Overpwn spotted two strings within Overwatch's beta source code that reference PlayStation Network and Xbox Live authentication. Those would be pointless if the game was only intended for, so they're another strong clue that it won't be a PC exclusive for long. Blizzard is best known as a PC developer, though it has brought some notable games to console. Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition is still one of the best couch co-op experiences on PS4 and Xbox One more than a year later.

Blizzard has said it would be "exciting" to bring Overwatch to consoles, though it's never gone on record with anything more official than that. If the studio is planning to make an announcement, you may not have to wait long to hear it - BlizzCon 2016 begins on Friday.

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Connor Sheridan
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