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Official Hot Fuzz clips arrive online

It’s all very well being told about rib-tickling footage that’s shown at the likes of the San Diego Comic Con. And watching a blurry, semi-blocked version via YouTube can only offer so much entertainment.

No, what you need is full-on, sparkling QuickTime footage of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in action in Hot Fuzz. And thanks to the kind folks at Rogue Pictures (who are handling the movie in Americaland), two of the clips shown at the Con can now be viewed on the web.

So click on the links below to wallow in the sight of Simon Pegg topping the fence-jumping gag from Shaun Of The Dead and Nick Frost getting down to the nitty-gritty of police training by asking if there’s really a point you can shoot someone in the head and make their noggin explode:

Clip 1

Clip 2

Trust us, even these brief glimpses of the movie will have you salivating for more. If only it were next February and we could see the whole thing…

Source: ( Universal )