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New trailer for Bethesda's Brink makes music from bullets (but GamesRadar did it first, y'hear?)

Anyway, here you have the colourful lead-based death-dealing of Brink arranged so that each bullet crack, explosion and perforated skull adds a smidgen of aural goodness to an over-arching percussive piece. They call it "A Choir of Guns", which is over-selling it a little bit, given the far-from melodic nature of the whole thing, but it's worth a look regardless.

Though you'll notice thatour vidsused a whole bunch of different games and we didn't put a backing track under them either. Just sayin', like.

So, is the running, jumping, bright-and-breezy killing freshness of Brink on your radar? And more importantly, who's videos did you think were best, theirs or ours?