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New PlayStation Move Heroes screens bring Sony's mascots out to play

Sony has released more screenshots from its all-star mascot mash-up, PlayStation Move Heroes (formerly titled 'Heroes on the Move'). They feature the likes of Jak, Dexter, Ratchet, Clank, Sly and his sidekick Betley in whatmay be the first'must-have' title designed specificallyfor Move.

Initially revealed at E3 2010 as Heroes on the Move, the cooperative platformer will have players controlling the iconic mascots through 50-odd levels inspired by the franchises from whence they came. Gameplay will focus on wielding five different weapon types - disc, whip, bowling, projectile and melee – all of which require unique Move motion controls to pull off.

PS Move Heroes is being developed by Nihilistic Software (2007's Conan), and isdue for an early 2011 release. Interested? Check out a few of the new screens below, and see the rest inour screenshot viewer.

Dec 10, 2010


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