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New pics of Red Dead Zombies and the Free Hunting and Trading DLC outfits

Rockstar wants your consoleready to receive the upcoming Red Dead ReZomption DLC so hard, its making triple sure your PS360s are all fired up withdiscs spinningby hooking you up with a FREE DLC on October 12. The brand new Hunting and Trading Outfits pack brings you the ultra-dapper Savvy Merchant outfit as well as the horrifically primal Expert Hunter pelt at zero cost.

Above: The Savvy Merchant outfit, perfect for immigration

Both outfits were originally voted down as pre-order bonuses but are finally becoming available with accompanying perks and challenges. One outfit allows you to purchase guns and ammo at half cost and the other doubles the amount of skins and pelts you can collect. We’ll let you figure out which does which...

Above: The Expert Hunter pelt will bring out the intimidating mountain man in you

Even sweeter, we got some brand new shots of the Undead Nightmare DLC pack and they’re every bit as gorgeous as they are ghastly.

Above: Apparently, there was no room left in hell for Abigail Marston

Above: Romero wasn’t born yet, these zombies run

Above: Leading the infected horde to the town water supply? Amateur move, Marston

Undead Nightmare pack will hit PSN and XBL simultaneously just in time for Halloween, and comes stacked with new single-player missions, new weapons, zombified animals and eight new multiplayer characters. The price is currently set at $10 (800MS).Click hereto the entirety of today’s batch of new screens.

We’ll be getting a hands-on with the new DLC very soon, but you lucky so-and-sos on the East Coast area this weekend can drop by their New York Comic-Con booth for a hands-on demonstration.

Head to Booth #1805 and from Friday at 1pm through Sunday at 5pm and you’ll find a first look at Undead Nightmareon public display.

Oct 5, 2010