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New LittleBigPlanet costumes are Incredibles!

Along with some tropical "Island" themed gear, here comes some LBP threads you’ll actually give a shit about. Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles are getting the sack treatmenton April 8th with aDLC bundleof outfits fit for a hero. Oh yes... Frozone is here, too.

Above: There's his Super Suit, woman!

You can buy the characters separately for $1.99, orsplurge on the Incredible Costume Kit for a paltry $5.99 tounlock all NINE!

Above: Syndrome, Frozone, Edna, "Retro" Mr. Incredible, Bob, Elastigirl, Dash,Violet, and Jack-Jack (Sack-Sack?!)

If that weren't enough, the costumes sets will also coincide with the releaseof an Incredibly themed Level Kit, which’ll include stickers (see below), retro car parts, Monorail pieces, and a “Laser Probe” for $4.99.Click hereto find out more.

Mar 30, 2010