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New Disgaea 4 teaser full of Prinny power

We’ve got a special treat for Disgaea fans. Nippon Ichi Software has just released the animated opening movie for Disgaea 4, the latest entry in the Disgaea series for the PS3. The video is full of Prinnies, the ultra weak and stressed out mascots for the series. It seems like it’s the most screen time the awesomely pathetic sidekicks have received in a Disgaea title since Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?

It makes sense that the opening movie is packed with Prinnies. Valbatoze, Disgaea 4’s new main character, was a mighty vampire. But after losing his powers, the former head villain was reduced to the lowly position of a Prinny Caretaker and warden of a Netherworld prison.

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