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New Death Stranding trailer 'The Drop' lays out your mission

The complicated, labyrinthine Death Stranding picture inside Hideo Kojima's head is getting clearer by the minute. The latest trailer, simply called 'The Drop', helps to clarify just what you'll be doing in Kojima's long-awaited game. 

It shows the litany of threats and obstacles Norman Reedus' character Sam Porter Bridges faces as he attempts to traverse America, delivering packages and reconnecting isolated cities by creating new 'Strands'. The info for the trailer reads "Reconnect a fractured society as Sam Bridges. Save us all."

But reconnecting a broken world "ain't as simple as it seems," according to Sam himself. "They'll try and stop you every step of the way." By 'they' he's referencing a group of yellow-clad, electrified-stick-wielding baddies who seem desperate to stop Sam in his tracks. As he runs from them, he dodges projectiles and even shoots one that wraps around a bad guy, dropping him to the ground in an instant. Just as it seems like he's safe, the package he's trying to keep safe is knocked from his backpack. 

The trailer flashes back to when Sam first received the package. "Hurry Sam, you know what's at stake," says a man via projection (it's not Geoff Keighley). "My name is Sam Porter Bridges. It's my job to reconnect us," Reedus says as the trailer ends, the final shot is a misty vista with a giant, ominous humanoid figure lurking in the distance.

Death Stranding will release on PS4 on November 8. The game went gold at the end of September, further fueling the hype train.

Until you can get your hands on Kojima's B.B.s, why not check out what we know about Death Stranding's exclusive album featuring CHVRCHES, Khalid, Major Lazer, and more. 

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