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New Dark Souls trailer is predictably intimidating

From Software has released new gameplay footage from its Project: Gamer Rage (aka Dark Souls), revealing a little more about the terrifying tumor spiders, head crab dragons and iron giants set to terrorize players in the upcoming Demon's Souls successor. Technically, the studio is calling this a 'trailer', but after repeat viewings we think 'glimpse into our nightmarish gaming future' is more appropriate.

GRrecently nominated Dark Soulsas the E3 2011 game most likely to consume our lives -and for good reason; it looks soul crushingly hard. That's not to say a good challenge is a bad thing, just that we hope it's the kind of challenge that rewards persistence and strategy, and not the unbalanced kind that results in broken controllers, curse words and anxiety attacks.

Dark Souls is being hammered out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 with an anticipated release date of October 4th in North America, and October 7th in the UK.

Aug 17, 2011

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