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Monaco's co-op heists ready for pre-order

Monaco could soon be yours. The long-awaited indie co-op heist game snagged a spot as one of our 10 upcoming indie games to know about a cool 15 months ago and pre-orders for its PC/Mac version have finally opened today.

Pre-purchases include a copy of Monaco's Independent-Games-Festival-2010-winning prototype, selections from its original soundtrack, and sheet music (and the final game when it actually comes out, of course). It's also $1.50 cheaper than release sales at $13.50. That's four different Monaco-related things to play in one discounted package, if you think about it. Which is quite a--sorry--steal.

Developer Pocketwatch Games gave no indication of a final release date, but did specify that the PC and Xbox Live Arcade versions of the game will launch simultaneously, with a Mac client following soon after.

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