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Modern Warfare Remastered has twice the controller sensitivity settings, but war is still hell

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered doesn't just have a new coat of paint, it's also more sensitive. Not in a "Brendan Fraser can't stop crying at the sunset" way, of course. No, war is still going to be as violent and bloody as ever. I mean in a "your thumbsticks can now be tracked twice as effectively" way.

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Amos Hodge, lead designer at Raven Software (the studio handling the port), shared the chart above, showing how the original Modern Warfare's controller sensitivity settings have been bumped up from 10 to 20. Those looking to improve their game with surgeon-like precision will reap the most benefit thanks to the four extra "very high" settings.

Personally, I rarely tweak my thumbstick sensitivity, and when I do, it's usually just a notch or two above the default. Still, I think Modern Warfare fans will appreciate how the remaster is giving them more options.

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