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How to unlock Modern Warfare camos, including the high level Gold, Platinum and Damascus

modern warfare camos
(Image credit: Infinity Ward)

Modern Warfare camos offer players the ability to unlock 103 different gun camouflages for every weapon in multiplayer by levelling up your gear. It's basically bragging rights as only the best, or most committed players, will ever unlock the rarer Modern Warfare Gold, Platinum and Damascus camos.

Modern Warfare camos are separated into two varieties: base camos, and sub-camos. The main camouflage types are:

  • Spray Paint
  • Woodland
  • Digital
  • Dragon
  • Splinter
  • Topo
  • Tiger
  • Stripes
  • Reptile
  • Skulls

The first ten camouflages are unlocked by increasing the Weapon’s XP Level. This is done simply by using the gun and getting kills with it. Once a base camouflage is unlocked, then a number of different variations to that camo are available upon completing challenges. For example: the base camouflage ‘Woodland’ is unlocked for the P90 once the player reaches Weapon Level 8. From there, the player must get a certain number of Headshot kills with the P90 to unlock further variations of the Woodland camo, and so on. 

These weapon challenges are the same across weapon classes, ie every SMG will need to attain Headshot Kills to further progress along the ‘Woodland’ line, whereas the same camo might require different challenges in the Shotgun class. Even the Riot Shield has customisable camouflage options to unlock if you really want to keep busy. 

modern warfare shield camos

(Image credit: Infinity Ward)

Modern Warfare Gold, Platinum and Damascus camos

There are also three hidden camouflage classes found in Modern Warfare: Gold, Platinum and Damascus. 

  • Gold camo - available when you have unlocked every other camo for their gun, aka completed all the camo challenges. 
  • Platinum camo - available when you have unlocked Gold camouflage for the entire weapon class. So, if you want Platinum camouflage for your MP7, you’ll need to rank up every other SMG to max level to get the Gold camo for each. 
  • Damascus camo - unlocked when every single gun in the game has earned the Platinum camouflage. 

Nope, you're not reading that wrong: if you want the Modern Warfare Damascus camo, you have to complete every single camouflage challenge for every single weapon in the game. Let's be honest, a lot of people are never going to get close to that, although using the Double Weapon XP tokens available from playing through the single player campaign should provide players with a helpful boost in their quest to attain their camouflage of choice.

In the meantime this what the Gold and Damascus options look like: 

(Image credit: CharlieINTEL)

(Image credit: CharlieINTEL)

This huge number of unlockable camouflages sets a high standard of completion for players to reach, but no doubt over the coming weeks we will start to see more Platinum and Damascus camo unlocks.