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MLB The Show 21 reportedly runs smoother on PS5 over Xbox Series X

MLB The Show 21
(Image credit: Sony)

MLB The Show 21 has been put under the technical microscope on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Thanks to a new deep dive from Digital Foundry, we have a nice new comparison about how Sony's MLB The Show 21 runs on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. In the extensive video below, Digital Foundry reveals that it's Sony's consoles that get the best performance out of MLB The Show 21, due to the fact that frame rate dips on Xbox consoles typical hit much harder.

On PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, MLB The Show 21 runs at a relatively smooth 60FPS. However, when frame rate dips occur, the frame rate for both Xbox console can drop by as much as 11FPS, giving Sony's next-gen platform the clear advantage.

It's important to remember that MLB The Show 21 is the first time the series has ever come to Xbox platforms, as the Digital Foundry video above makes sure to note. The new game is actually a pretty significant release, as it marks the first time a Sony-developed game has arrived on Xbox platforms, with MLB The Show 21 coming to both current and next-gen Xbox platforms alike.

Additionally, MLB The Show 21 is available on Xbox Game Pass, and has been since the day it launched earlier this month. It's fantastic to see a Sony-developed game being open to a brand new audience, even more so through Microsoft's game subscription service.

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