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Mel Gibson to cameo in Hangover 2?

Mr Mel Gibson - of alleged internet-leaked phone-swearing and Forever Young fame - has signed up to pop up in Todd Phillips' follow-up to his break-out Vegas booze-com.

According to Page Six , the short-tempered star of anti-semitic controversy and Air America will pop up as a possibly deranged tattoo artist. Gibson is due to shoot his scenes on-set in Bangkok in the next couple of weeks.

The sequel is set in the US and Thailand, with all the key players returning.

Phillips' original featured a cameo from another star with a tainted image - Mike Tyson.

But while Tyson just had to basically act like his lovable, frightening self in a loose-fitting white shirt, Gibson is faced with somehow igniting an all-out career reinvention.

The crawl-back starts here...