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Looks like Microsoft could be revealing a new Xbox One & controller at E3

After yesterday’s news that an ‘Xbox One second generation’ is currently in production, here’s even more fuel to add to the new Xbox One fire. Mmm, burning plastic. Tech site Thurrott (via VG247), has broken early Microsoft news before and is citing company sources as saying that there will be “new hardware” announced at E3, alongside a new standard controller. 

While the info on the new hardware is scarce, the story says the “much larger hardware related announcement at E3” will be “a much bigger deal than an updated standard controller.” The new controller itself is rumoured as similar to the current design but potentially in a new colour. 

It definitely makes sense that this could be a more powerful Xbox One to take on Sony’s rumoured upgraded PS4 console, the code named PlayStation Neo. This might all be speculation but if the improved PS4 is as real as we think it is, Microsoft will have to retaliate with a similarly powerful console to stay in the game. As ever, we’ll keep you updated. 

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Louise Blain

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