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Liam Hemsworth offered lead role in Independence Day sequel

With Will Smith having passed on being part of the upcoming Independence Day sequel, The Wrap report that Liam Hemsworth could be stepping in to fill his shoes.

Though nothing's confirmed yet, Hemsworth has apparently been offered the lead role in the sequel, which is currently titled ID Forever.

Whether he'll take it or not is anybody's guess, but with Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman both signed on to return, it's an undeniably attractive offer.

Set 20 years after the first film, ID2 takes place in an alternate present day which is vastly more technologically advanced thanks to humanity learning from the alien tech left behind when they were defeated in 1994.

Hemsworth is no slouch when it comes to action, having previously appeared in The Expendables 2 and Empire Sate, but he's yet to take the lead in a blockbuster as huge as ID2.

This could be a chance for him to step up and show Hollywood exactly what he's made of.

ID Forever opens on 1 July 2016.

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