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Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 red brick collectibles guide

Between gold bricks, character tokens, crests, students in peril, and red bricks, there are a whopping 600+ objects to collect in Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7. If you want to make finding them all a snap, you just need to collect the Red Bricks first. These magical Legos act as modifiers that do anything from multiply the value of studs to detect other collectibles. So yeah, you want the red bricks - and we know where to find all 20 of them.

Prepping for the hunt

The way the game is designed, you’ll have to beat most of it to get every red brick, and all of it to claim every other collectible. Before you start hunting down red bricks, progress through the story, having fun and finding what you can, until you can roam around Hogwarts freely in year 7. At that point, you’ll have all the spells you need and have access to the characters tokens required. Just make sure to have about four million studs saved up to buy those characters.

You’ll need a character capable of casting dark magic and a Ravenclaw character. Finding a Luna token is easy (there are lots), but you may have trouble finding a dark magic user. Here’s one of the first you’ll have access to:

Unlocking Bellatrix

Bellatrix can be unlocked in the second half of year 7 if you use Hermione’s bag near Hagrid’s Hut. Doing so will cause a flying pumpkin to appear, which you can use to reach the airborne token. It costs just under 4 million tokens to unlock her. To switch to her, go to any cauldron drink the Polyjuice Potion.

Red Brick Locations

Detector Bricks:

Once activated from the extras menu, these bricks show you where other collectibles are, provided they are in the same room as you are.

Gold Brick Detector

If you place the trash into the dumpster on the street between the Leaky Cauldron and the Underground Train Station, this red brick will pop out. Take it over to the nearby owl.

Red Brick Detector

At the Hogsmeade station, use dark magic on the red sign near the owl.