Just Cause 4 grappling hook gameplay, release date, all the latest trailers and more

Just Cause 4 brings back hero agent Rico Rodriguez and his grappling hook and sets them loose in the fictional South America country of Solis. While handsome Rico might be the stars it's the ultra destructible world that will win you over with dramatic weather events like blizzards in the alps region, lightning storms in the rainforest, sandstorms in the desert, and tornados in the grasslands. When nature isn't tearing things up you can be too, scorching the earth with explosions and gunfire, all in an attempt to stop the evil Black Hand. 

Just Cause 4 gameplay - what will you be doing?

In a word: chaos. You'll be creating chaos. The game features massive destruction, and over the top action. We've already seen a jetpack (which is literally a rocket strapped to Rico's back), hovercraft, jets, trucks, various guns, the trademark parachute and... loads more. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that Rico rides a truck into a tornado (yes, a massive, natural disaster-causing tornado) and uses it to propel himself through the air. It's an outrageous stunt and... we can't wait to do it in the game.

You're fighting The Black Hand again, but this time you're in their world, so they have home advantage. We've seen troops with thick armor, ones who can deploy a personal shield/heavy machine gun combo, and stealth enemies who can turn (almost) invisible.. Should keep Rico well on his toes.

Just Cause 4 trailer - where can I see it?

Above is the first gameplay trailer for Just Cause 4, shown at Microsoft's E3 press briefing. Check out the first footage of Rico in action, and get a taste of all the madness you'll experience in the game.

Just Cause 4 setting - where does it take place?

Interestingly, Just Cause 4 takes place over different landscapes. The developers say you'll cause chaos within four different Biomes, with each one presenting a different environment. Each Biome is split into two separate sub-biomes (that's a thing now, apparently) so there will be heaps of variety. We've seen jungle, great plains, snow, and desert. 

There will be different natural disasters taking place in each biome. Tornadoes, blizzards, sand storms, and savage lightning storms are the confirmed weather effects so far.

Just Cause 4 grappling hook is back!

The developers have confirmed that Rico's grappling hook is back. It just wouldn't be the same game without it. But what does it do? The Boosters and Retract abilities are back, and now Rico can airlift objects with the grappling hook too. You can even set the speed at which it lifts items off the ground. All the info on the new grappling hook is in the developer video above.

Just Cause 4 release date and platforms

Just Cause 4 will release on December 4, 2018, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There has been no confirmation of a Nintendo Switch version or for any mobile platforms. This seems unlikely to change before the end of the year.