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Jobs for the boys

This month, Brit comedy's blond bombshell Simon Pegg completed his sky-rocket from the Beeb to blockbusting by signing up to star opposite the Cruiser in Mission: Impossible 3. "My scenes are done and dusted," he told Total Film. "Tom Cruise is a thoroughly nice man. Not short, weird or spouting Scientology. Just very friendly and reassuring on what was a huge and intimidating set. Hollywood is big."

And that's not all. As you read this, Pegg and co-writer/director Edgar Wright are currently storming ahead with their Shaun follow-up, police actioner Hot Fuzz. "We're on the third draft of the script," reveals Wright. "In the way that Shaun was an affectionate spin on a zombie film, this is our affectionate spin on the action and cop genres."

Pegg will star alongside Shaun scene-stealer Nick Frost, but Wright is keeping his cards face-down. "We don't want to talk about it too much, because we're still figuring it out. But there will be running and jumping... and punching... and there will be some shooting." Er, ace! But, like Pegg, Wright also has Hollywood banging on the door, with Marvel still chasing him to direct superhero adap Ant-Man. "It's early days," he teases, "but there's definitely something in it..."