Jack Thompson kicks off at Take-Two AGAIN

Everybody's favorite anti-violent game activist, Jack Thompson, is once again attacking game publisher Take-Two over the release of Manhunt 2 and GTA IV.

Making it clear that he will never give up, Thompson has filed a lawsuit to "prevent the sale of two hyperviolent video games set to be released this year and sold to anyone under 17 years of age."

Thompson goes on to state that despite both games receiving 'Mature' ratings from the ESRB ratings board, findings have revealed that "they are still sold 42% of the time to kids under 17."

He continues his offensive on the games publisher: "Take-Two aggressively markets its 'Mature' games to children, as it was caught this past year placing Grand Theft Auto ads on public transport in major US metropolitan areas despite promises by the industry to stop that practice after Columbine."

Above: A scene from the first Manhunt. Just imagine the guy with the bat is Jack Thompson, andthe guy on his knees isa dead horse.

He goes on to bring up the 'Games make people violent' argument, stating: "The American Psychological Association in August 2005 found a clear causal link between violent games and teen aggression."

Speaking about Manhunt 2, Thompson highlights: "The player can plunge a syringe into the eye of his foes and removes their testicles." The statement later clarifies that Thompson "still has his testicles."

Will Thompson achieve his goal in stopping what could be the biggest game of the year, GTA IV, from ever being released and rid the world of violent videogames forever? Somehow, we doubt it.

March 16, 2007