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Italian posters for 12 Years A Slave criticised

A series of Italian posters for 12 Years A Slave have been roundly criticised for appearing to focus upon the film’s white cast members.

A poster featuring a prominent image of Brad Pitt, a supporting player at best, is at the centre of the controversy, with leading man Chiwetel Ejiofor hardly getting a promotional look in.

The poster appeared on one blogger’s Tumblr page , accompanied by the comment, “I don’t remember Brad Pitt being the protagonist of the film or having such a pivotal role in the story to stay in the middle of the poster…”

Another poster gives Michael Fassbender a similarly prominent billing, while once again, Ejiofor remains little more than a footnote.

Directed by Steve McQueen and co-starring Michael K. Williams, Quvenzhané Wallis and Scoot McNairy, 12 Years A Slave will open in the UK on 10 January 2014.