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Inception steals top spot again


Looks like Leo and his dream-tinkering chums aren’t about to wake up with a bump (or should that be “kick?”) just yet, as Inception enjoyed a second week on top of the box office.

Chris Nolan’s mind-muddler claimed an estimated $43.5 million, down just 31% on its opening weekend and allaying fears that the film’s complex plot would put off Joe six-pack and friends.

That left Angelina Jolie actioner Salt to take second place with a more than respectable haul of around $36.5 million, not bad going at all for a non-franchise summer release. Iffy reviews be damned, Ange puts bums on seats, period.

Looking elsewhere the Despicable Me juggernaut rolled on apace, dumping another $24.1 million in Universal’s coffers, whilst Disney’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice continued to disappoint, a $9.7 million take finally helping it limp past the $40 million mark.

Threequels Toy Story 3 and Eclipse continued to prove a draw, taking $9 million and $7 million respectively, neatly sandwiching family flick Ramona and Beezus and Adam Sandler vehicle Grown Ups .

The former netted a healthy $8 million opening, pleasing enough given its $15 million budget, whilst the latter added another $7.6 million to the pot.

M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender took ninth spot, a $4.2 million weekend helping the supposed turkey to overall takings of $123.2 million.

Not quite what you could call a comeback then, but at least something for Shyamalan fans to cling to after the non-event that was The Happening .

That just left Predators to round-off the top ten, the splatter-happy shooter claiming another 2.85 million reasons why Hollywood will keep churning out remakes, reboots and prequels until the cows come home.

A familiar look to the box office this week then, with all the summer’s big hitters still present and correct. And with Steve Carell’s Dinner For Schmucks probably the biggest of next week’s releases, don’t expect that to change any time soon.

Been to see Inception yet? If not, why not?

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