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"I’m still thinking about Natalie Portman’s unbelievable burn" – The best moments and reactions to the Golden Globes 2018

The Golden Globes 2018, perhaps more any other year, had the world watching and waiting with bated breath. There were shocking moments (you can see the full list of winners here), burns that needed urgent medical attention, and an industry gripped in the midst of its biggest scandal yet. Plenty food for thought, then, and the internet didn’t disappoint.


It would be churlish of me not to start with the biggest conversation going into the Golden Globes: the scandals. Women of Hollywood opted to wear black for the event, with some men wearing #TimesUp pins to showcase their disapproval at toxic masculinity in Hollywood and beyond.

Natalie Portman deserves all the awards

Despite the social media campaigns and all the rest of it, hypocrisy still reigned supreme. Case in point: Greta Gerwig directed Lady Bird, which was nominated for Best Picture, Best Screenplay, as well as directing Saoirse Ronan to the Best Actress award. She wasn’t nominated for Best Director, and Natalie Portman was only too keen to unleash a stinging barb at the presence of a male-dominated list.

Game of Moans

Hey, Game of Thrones and Stranger Things both lost out to Handmaid’s Tale for best TV show. Not everyone was best pleased.

Room for one more?

Oh, hai! Tommy Wiseau is the closest we’ll get to a living meme. He also got perilously close to having a live microphone in front of millions of viewers. The Disaster Artist inspiration was, mercifully, stopped despite being invited on stage by James Franco.

Willem Dafoe's face

No caption required.

Oprah has the final say

The one thing everyone will take away from this year’s Golden Globes, however, is Oprah’s stunning speech. Words can’t quite sum up just how great and inspiring it was, so here it is in full. Enjoy.

Image: NBC

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