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"I couldn’t spoil what happened even if I tried" – The internet reacts to the Westworld season 2 finale

It’s over. The Westworld season 2 finale capped off a season filled with twists, turns, and more than a few tricks hidden up Robert Ford’s immaculately rolled-up sleeves. The 90-minute show-stopper, inevitably, had a lot of people talking – right up until its very final moments. Spoilers to follow…

So, that just happened

Westworld has let’s just say a track record when it comes to scrambling our brains, but it was taken to a whole new level this week. So many misdirects went on, it was a little wonder that most fans found it a little hard to follow.

In memoriam

Season finales these days often expect to have several gallons of blood drawn before it gets close to being called ‘good’. That’s just the way it goes. Westworld took that mantra, however, and dialled it all the way up to 11. Elsie, Maeve, Hale, Dolores, Lee, Hector, and more all died – yet some could still return in some way, shape or form.

A long (long) time coming

92 bloody minutes. I can’t have been the only one to take a quick glance at the runtime and have a little shiver run down my spine. The feature-length episode took its time to get going, but roared home in captivating fashion. But was it too long?

Westworld goes Marvel

If you didn’t watch past the credits, I suggest you go back: Westworld ended things with a post-credits scene.

If you did watch it, you probably wish you hadn’t. It just confused things even further – if that was even possible.

What did you make of Westworld season 2?

While many would suggest it didn’t leave up to the hype set by Westworld season 1, not many can argue that it chose to confidently step away from the shadow cast by its debut season. Did it succeed? You be the judge of that…

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