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We%26rsquo;re loving Hydrophobia, and not because of the jaw-dropping, mighty-real water effects, but because Blaze reckons their new engine can do some other clever stuff too. One of the most oft-cited complaints surrounding city-sim founder GTA is that you can%26rsquo;t go into enough buildings. With the technical limitations of previous generations, that was never a realistic aim, and even in the next-gen it%26rsquo;s a massive task - Saints Row hardly bucked the trend.

But Blade has developed a generating system which means you%26rsquo;ll be able to go into each room aboard this huge floating city (home to thousands of people), and each room will be unique. As you progress you%26rsquo;ll go through drastically different locations - at the bottom is a Blade Runner-inspired underworld where the lower class live in run-down cabins and drinking dives. As you move up the decks, the wealth rises and you%26rsquo;ll come across big mansion-sized condos and even golf courses.