When we first heard about the made-in-Korea Huxley, we were intrigued. It's an ambitious massively multiplayer game, based in a post-apocalyptic world full of heavily armed and armored survivors vying for control of what's left. When we heard it was a shooter based on the same framework that runs uber-blaster Unreal Tournament 2007, we were on the edge of our seats. Could this be the persistent role-playing universe that twitch-action fans have been waiting for?

The visuals speak for themselves: Huxley is unassailably lush and mesmerizing, infused with every sort of graphical turbocharger known to man. Huxley's towns range from picturesque, cobblestone-paved hamlets to ultra-urban razor-wire wrapped ghettos. Huxley 's denizens sport bulky, brightly lit power armor, complete with customizable colors and clan tags.

The apocalypse that hit Huxley's world nearly eliminated the human race, but a contingent survived, now called the Sapiens. The conflict also spawned a new mechanically-infused faction called the Alternatives. Players on the PC will join as the Alternatives or Sapiens, while Xbox 360 gamers will have a more subversive role. Although members of the Sapien or Alternative races, they are secretly an elite member of the Hybrid Liberation Organization, fighting to free an enslaved race called the Hybrids.