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Here's how to catch your own space mouse pet in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Not sure if you're sold on your new squadmates in Mass Effect: Andromeda yet? Go for a pet instead. There's at least one companion available in the game that everyone should have an easy time falling in love with: an adorable lil' mouse. You have to follow a specific sequence to cross paths with your soon-to-be rodent buddy, so check out our video guide below. Beware, this video does include minor spoilers.

If you can't watch right now, here's how to get started: first, you'll need to discover the location of the game's "big bad". Then talk to your krogan buddy Drack a few times, and he'll eventually note that someone - or something - has been munching on the Tempest's food supply. Tell him you'll track down the culprit and follow these steps:

  • Turn on your scanner and follow the tracks from the counter down into the cargo bay
  • Build a "humane trap" at the research and development station
  • Deploy the trap, then complete a mission
  • Come back and find your furry little stowaway in the trap

Make sure you read the rest of our Mass Effect: Andromeda tips so you don't miss out on other surprises (rodent related or otherwise), and check out our full Mass Effect: Andromeda review.

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