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Hear The Prologue From Ecko Burning

The audio book of Danie Ware's new novel Ecko Burning is narrated by Peter Noble and you can hear some of it for free

Danie Ware's critically acclaimed debut novel, Ecko Rising , threw science fiction and fantasy together in a sardonic new take on traditional tropes. The second book in the series, Ecko Burning , takes the story to tense new heights. And here on SFX , we have the prologue of the audiobook, narrated by Peter Noble, now available for free listening! Click here :

Out upon the water, an old enemy makes new plans. But does Ecko hold the key to his rise to power?

When not writing sardonic fantasy novels, Danie Ware works in marketing for the store chain Forbidden Planet. Peter Noble was born in South Africa; hippie musicians dragged him to vegetarian communes from California to India, via Lisbon, London and Findhorn. He picked up a wide range of authentic local accents and character voices along the way. The full Ecko Burning audio book is available via Audible .