Haze NOT PS3 exclusive - PC, 360 confirmed

At Ubisoft's recent press event, Haze developer Free Radical told us the game is in development for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and not just PS3 as has been reported.

During the Haze section of the Ubidays conference, the impressive-looking shooter was unveiled for the PS3with no other systems mentioned.

Haze was originally announced for all three systems in 2006 but the lack of any other system being mentioned for over a year, and the fact that the TimeSplitters team has a massive PlayStation heritage, seemed to point the finger of exclusivity at Sony and PS3.

This isn't the case though. During an exclusive interview, Free Radical's Dave Doak told us that while the game is leading on PS3, there are also Xbox 360 and PC versions coming. Doak added that the team hasn't had any major issues developing for Sony's machine either.

In case you missed it,check out ourpreview with new screens and trailerand look for our full interview with Doak soon.

May 24, 2007