Harvest Moon DS Cheats

Planting crops, petting livestock and marrying mermaids ... the laid-back life sim just got a little weirder.

Harvest Moon DS FAQs

Harvest Moon DS Hints

  • DS | Submitted by Chaos Jessie 93

    Big Fishing Money

    Wait until winter and then go to the Sprites Guild. Order the fishing team to fish near the beach for 7 days. All you need is one, and you'll have $100,000,000 within the week!

  • DS | Submitted by RAR

    Marriage Requirements


    Marriage is optional, but if you want to get married there are some milestones you must pass first. In addition to viewing your prospective mates heart events, you also need to raise her heart level to red. Her heart turns red at 60,000 love points earned. Giving her gifts she loves is the easiest way to raise her love points. Only one Item a day counts towards her love points so if you have extra Items save them for the next day.

    You also need to upgrade your house and buy items from the shopping channel. You must Have purchased enough to get the bigh bed in your home.

    You have to have brought back the harvest goddess. in order to for her to return you need to have found 60 of the harvest sprites.

    When your close to being able to propose, the blue feather becomes available at the supermarket. Make sure once you have it you hold onto it, if you accidentally drop it you can not buy a new one.

  • DS | Submitted by RAR

    Pot Recipes

    Hot Milk- Milk
    Hot Chocolate- Milk + Chocolate
    Wild Grape Wine- Grape + Wine + Purple Grass
    Pumkin Stew- Pumkin
    Fish Stew- Medium Fish or Large Fish
    Boiled Spinach- Spinach
    Boiled Egg- Egg
    Candied Potato- Yam
    Dumplings- Cabbage + Onion + Flour + Oil
    Strawberry Jam- Strawberry
    Apple Jam- Apple
    Grape Jam- Grape
    Marmalade- Orange
    Cheese Fondue- Cheese + Bread
    Noodles- Flour
    Curry Noodles- Noodle + Curry Powder
    Tempura- Tempura + Noodles
    Buckwheat Noodles- Buckwheat Flour
    Tempura Buckwheat Noodles- Buckwheat Flour + Tempura
    Mountian Stew- Carrot + Bamboo SHoots + Shitake Mushroom
    Rice Soup- Rice Balls
    Porridge- Milk + Rice Balls
    Tempura Rice- Rice balls + Tempura
    Egg over Rice - Rice Balls + egg
    Stew- Milk + FLour
    Curry Rice- Rice balls + Curry Powder
    Blue Curry- Rice Balls + Curry Powder + Blue Grass
    Green Curry- Rice Balls + Curry Powder + Green Grass
    Red Curry- Rice balls + Curry Powder + Red Grass
    Yellow Curry- RIce Balls + Curry Powder + Yellow Grass
    Orange Curry-Rice Balls + Curry Powder + Orange Grass
    Purple Curry - RiceBalls + Curry Powder + Purple Grass
    Indigo Curry- RIce Balls + Curry Powder + Indigo Grass
    Black Curry- RIce Balls + Curry Powder + Black grass
    White Curry- Rice balls + Curry Powder + White grass
    Rainbow Curry- Blue Curry+Green Curry + Red Curry+ Yellow Curry + Orange Curry + Purple Curry+ Inigo Curry + Curry RIce
    Ultimate Curry-Rainbow Curry + Black Curry + 6 types of burnt food
    Finest Curry- Rainbow Curry + White Curry + 6 Types of burnt food
    Relax Tea- Relax Tea Leaves

  • DS | Submitted by RAR

    Harvest Sprite Channels

    Channel 1: Weather
    Channel 2: TV Shopping
    Channel 3: Sprite Profile
    Channel 4: Farm Information
    Channel 5: DJ
    Channel 6: News
    Channel 7: variety
    Channel 8: Tutorials
    Channel 9: Quiz Show

  • DS | Submitted by RAR

    Oven Recipes

    Backed corn- corn
    Toasted Rice Balls- Riceballs
    Roasted Rice Cake- Rice Cake
    Baked Yam- Yam
    Toast- Bread
    Jam Bun- Milk + egg +jam
    Dinner Roll- Egg+ Milk + Butter
    Pizza- Cheese + Flour + Ketchup
    Doria- Onion + Butter + Milk + Rice Balls + Flour
    Gratin- Onion + Butter + Milk + Cheese + Flour
    Buckwheat Ball- Egg + Flour + Buckwheat Flour
    Sweet Potatoes- Egg + Butter + Yam
    Cookies- Butter + Cookie + Chocolate
    Cake- Egg + Flour + Butter + Fruit
    Chocolate Cake- Egg + Flour + Butter + Chocolate+ Fruit
    Cheese Cake- Egg + Cheese + Milk
    Apple Pie- Apple + Egg + Butter + Flour

  • DS | Submitted by RAR


    Lumina is Romana's Granddoughter and lives in the Villa. she is an acomplished pianist but doesn't have a lot of life experience. She loves Relax tea and hates Elli leaves.

    Rival - Rock

    Heart events:

    Enter the Villa between 4:00 P.M. and 8:00 p.m. you find Lumina arguing with remana. Choose that Romana is wrong.

    Purple - After you purchase the DVD player and some DVD's from Van, Lumina comes by the farm and asks to watch them.

    Blue - Go to the Harvest Goddess pond between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m., Lumina has lost her necklace and asks you to help her find it.

    Yellow - Visit Lumina in her room at the Villa between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. You find her waiting for Van to deliver her very own DVD player.

  • DS | Submitted by RAR


    Nami, is a hardend world traveler who seems to have not much interest in making friends. You'll know once you've goten on her sweet side as her sarcasm is replaced with caring. Her favorite gift is gratin but be sure not to give her grape jam.

    Nami also likes plain grabs, gems, and other stuff.

    Heart Events:

    Black - On a rainy Tuesday go to the Inner Inn - ring the front desk bell until Nami comes out and gives you her two cents.

    Purple - Go to the Inner Inn between six a.m. and noon, Nami asks you about farming.

    Blue - Nami will visit your farm

    Yellow - In the spring exit your house between six a.m. and noon, Nami asks you on a date.

    Gratin is made with onion+butter+milk+cheese+flower

  • DS | Submitted by RAR


    Celia is one of the easier girls to court in the Valley. She doesn't need to be impressed by fancy gifts and doesn't require much maintenance. Bring her cake and she'll be happy, be sure to not give her pickles though.


    Heart Events:

    Black - Visit Vesta's house between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. on any day except Monday. See Celia trying to help Vesta out with the dishes. Choose tell the tuth.

    Purple - Go to the goddess pond bewteen 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. on any day except Monday. She will ask you to walk her home.

    Blue - Go to doctor Hardy's clinic on a rainy day between 6 a.m. and noon.

    Yellow- Go drinking at the Blue Bar when Celia and Griffen are inside.

  • DS | Submitted by RAR

    The Harvest Goddess

    Getting the Harvest Goddess to marry you is no easy task. you must find all 101 of the harvest sprites, ship over 10,000 pices of produce, give her 500 gifts, and find one of every item in the mines. In addition, you must also be in your 5th year of the game play, have shipped at least 1 of every item, and have found the super field behinde the waterfall. The Harvest Goddes Loves Strawberries and be sure not to give her Chocolate.


    Heart events:

    Black- unlock 60 harvest sprites

    Purple- walk 10,000 steps, ship 10,000 produce items, catch 10,000 fish, reach the 10th floor of the first mine, and then trow an item into the Gdoddes Pond.

    Blue- Unlock all 9 harvest sprite station channels, visit the witch princess and throw an item into her pond.

    Yellow- give her at least 500 gifts then throw an item into her pond.

  • DS | Submitted by RAR


    Muffy works and lives at the Blue Bar. She is cute and cheerful young women and loves receving gifts that you find around the Valley. Her fovorite gift is home made apple pie but you can get by on giving her the jewlery you dig up at the dig site. Be sure not to give her small fish because it does not impress her.


    Heart events:

    Black - Head over to the Blue Bar between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

    Purple - Visit the beach on any rainy day other then Wendsday between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Muffy asks for your advice about a problem she has.

    Blue - go to the blue Bar between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on any day exept Wednesday. There is a new menu item for sale and she wants you to try it.

    Yellow - Enter your house then exit it on a summer day between 6:00 a.m. and noon. Muffy asks you on a date.

  • DS | Submitted by RAR


    To meet Leia, you must be good enough friends with Darryl to be invited into his basment for a tour. When you are down there you are introduced to Leia. When she returns to the ocean look for her along the beach on Wednesdays after midnight. Make sure you have a pond before you propose. She loves large fish and sashimi and dislikes preety much every thing else, especially weeds.


    Heart events:

    Black- Raise Daryll's friendship level to 100 and he will invite you on a tour. Leai will introduce herself to you.

    Purple - On your way past Darryl's house you overhear a conversation and draw the wrong comclusion.

    Blue - Head to Daryyl's basment and assist Leia with a cooking experiment.

    Yellow - Take her the message in a bottle that you find and she will return to the ocean.

  • DS | Submitted by RAR

    Frying Pan Recipies

    Stir fry - Oil+cabbage
    Fried rice - Rice balls+oil+egg
    savory pancake - cabbage+flour+egg+oil
    french fries - Potato+oil
    Croquette - Potato+onion+egg+flour+oil
    Popcorn - corn
    corn flakes - corn+milk
    Happy eggplant - eggplant
    Scrambled eggs - eggs+oil
    Omelet - eggs+milk+oil
    Apple soufl`e - apple
    french toast - egg+bread+oil
    doughnut - egg+milk+butter+flour+oil
    Grilled fish - medium fish
    fried thick noodles - noodle+oil
    Fried noodles - Buckweat flour+oil
    tempura - egg+flour+oil
    Pancake - egg+milk+flour+oil
    pot sticker - cabbage+onion+flour+oil
    Risotto - Tomato+onion+rice balls+ oil
    Dry Curry - rice balls+curry powder

  • DS | Submitted by RAR


    Keria lives on the 255th floor of the second mine. Though not quite as difficult to marry as the Harvest Goddess, it is a very big comitment to try for her love. Her favorite gift is Golden Lumber and she despises Rice balls.

    Heart Events:

    Black - Dig your way to the 255th floor of the 2 mine and give her Ulitimate Curry.

    Purple - Head down to the second mine again, when you get to her give her relax tea.

    Blue - Go to her room, there is a sign next to her bed that will tell you that she wants a jewel, and that jewel is random, so you might want to bring one of each with you.

    Yellow - Take Keria her Favorite Golden Lumber.

  • DS | Submitted by RAR

    The Witch Princess

    To win the heart of the Witch Princess, you need to be a mischievous and careless farmer. You must in fact, pass out one hundred times before she considers marrying you. Her favorite gift is Rainbow Curry.

    Rival - none

    Heart events:

    Black - Visit the Witch Princess at her home, between six a.m and midnight.

    Purple - Go to the harvest goddess pond between 6 a.m. and midnight to trigger this event, you also must have littred ten times, neglected at least fifty of your sick animals, offered a poisonous mushroom 5 times at the harvest festival, tried to leave at least five times, and have given the witch princess ten or more presents.

    Blue - After you have given the witch princess one hundred gifts, visit her at home between six a.m and midnight.

    Yellow- After you learn the recipe for Elli Leaves, empty your rucksack and head over to her house between six a.m. and midnight.

    Rainbow curry: blue curry+green curry+red curry+ yellow curry+orange curry+purple curry+indigo curry+curry rice

  • DS | Submitted by RAR

    Harvest Moon Birthdays

    Muku Muku-1

  • DS | Submitted by RAR


    Flora works at the dig site with carter. She's not a great cook but appreciates a good home cooked meal, especially if you prepared it for her. Flora likes Rainbow Curry the most and absolutely hates red grass.

    Heart Events:

    Black - Visit the dig site between 10 p.m. and midnight to view this event. Flora thinks you are a suspicious person for visiting so late.

    Purple - Go to the Inn on any other Tuesday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Flora thinks the Inn sells her favorite drink, but it does not.

    Blue - Walk into the dig site area between 9:00 a.m. on any day exept Monday. Flora has discovered the hot springs and wants to share them with you.

    Yellow- Go to the dig site any day but Tuesday. Flora will share her deep thoughts.

Harvest Moon DS Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by RAR

    Unlock White Harvest Sprite: Baby

    Find 60 Harvest Sprites then go to the Sprite Company Tree and look in the big pot.

  • DS | Submitted by RAR

    Unlock Black Harvest Sprites: Sprite Sta

    Mercury (Channel 1): No need to unlock he is around from the beginning of the game

    Venus (Channel 2) : Purchase at least 1 item every day for 10 days from the supermarket

    Earth ( Channel 3): Find 20 sprites

    Mars ( Channel 4) : Ship 300 crops, flowers, milk, eggs, or wool

    Jupiter (channel 5) : buy 5 records from Tenjin

    Saturn(Channel 6) : View 3 events

    Uranus (Channel 7) : Have 100 friend points with any of the people in the Valley.

    Neptune (Channel 8) : No need to unlock he is around from the beginning of the game.

    Pluto (Channel 9) : Ship 100,000 of the same item.

Harvest Moon DS Glitches

  • DS | Submitted by Queen of Anime

    That's a DOG?!

    Give Chris, Wally's wife, some weeds. She will say "I'm not good with dogs". But...it's not a dog!!