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Where to find the Halo Infinite KD tracker and player records

Halo Infinite KD tracker
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Finding the Halo Infinite KD tracker, or seeing your kill/death/assist ratio and your progress in the multiplayer is a tricky thing. Your progress and skill is an element of the game that's good to know when it comes to bragging rights or just basic self-improvement, but it's not easy to find your stats in the game and it's even less clear where you should be looking, meaning that most people can only check their K/D ratio in the most recent match they played. We'll show you if and where you can find a Halo Infinite KD tracker in our guide below.

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Where to find the Halo Infinite KD tracker and player records

Halo Infinite kd tracker

(Image credit: Tracker Network)

The Halo Infinite K/D tracker and long-term player records, any details about the overall skill exhibited in Infinite's multiplayer… well, you can't find it. At least, not yet. The game has no equivalent of the Barracks, Records or kill/death/assist tracker right now, meaning that those who want to know how they're doing in the eternal war of Spartan v. Spartan will have to look elsewhere. Historically these have been documented on the tie-in app/website Halo Waypoint, but as of yet this doesn't seem to be the case, likely added later.

Specifically, the site that helped us was one named HaloTracker. This is a website not officially associated with 343 or Microsoft in any way, but nonetheless it did seem to provide details on our military history in Halo Infinite. By entering your Xbox Live username, the site pulls all manner of stats, including kills, deaths, win ratio, accuracy, even smaller details like melee kills, vehicle hijacks and - oops - betrayals. Obviously we can't officially recommend a site we don't know all the details of yet, but a few experiments made it seem both helpful and harmless enough. Click the link above if you feel like looking at your own service record. 

Halo Infinite KDA explained

Halo Infinite

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

One related element that's caused some confusion is that Halo Infinite also features something at the end of each match called a KDA ratio - specifically, the ratio of your kills, deaths and assists. If you were wondering how it's calculated with the addition of assists into the formula, it's pretty simple, if rather unintuitive: an assist counts as one third of a kill when added towards that ratio. 

So a player with five kills and no assists would be ranked the same as a player with four kills and three assists. If your KDA seemed higher than you imagined or you were just confused about where the numbers come from, that's what you're dealing with.

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