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God of War demake reimagines the PlayStation classic as a turn-based RPG from 1998

God of War demake
(Image credit: 64 Bits)

If you've ever wondered what 2018's God of War might've looked like had it launched on PS1, this incredibly well-made demake is your answer.

64 Bits' latest demake reimagines God of War as a turn-based RPG from 1998, using Breath of Fire 4 as the template. Like most demakes, you can't actually play this one, but the above video shows the title screen, loading screen, and some cinematic and gameplay footage. You can see Kratos, Atreus, and Mimir having a brief conversation on their boat before docking and being greeted by a draugr, nightmare, and ogre. The ensuing battle has all the hallmarks of a classic RPG, giving everyone a numbered health bar and showing each attack's hit points. Atreus even performs a highly theatrical special attack with his bow that takes out the ogre and ends the fight.

The whole thing is really well-made, especially the pared down score and classic PlayStation sounds, which do well to set the eerie mood of the scene. But don't just take it from us! The demake has the official seal of approval from God of War director Cory Barlog, who shared some love for the project over on Twitter.

There's been a trend of rewinding the clock on popular PlayStation games as of late. We think this demake of The Last of Us channels Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill, while this Resident Evil Village demake might even be creepier than the actual PS5 game. There's also a Bloodborne demake that you'll actually be able to play next month - check out our chat with its developer for more on that.

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