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GLaDOS should be the voice of EVERY computer

Much like the rest of the gaming-capable world, we’re batshit in love with all things Portal 2 right now. Part of that obsession is wrapped up in sultry co-tagonist, GLaDOS. We’re so smitten with Aperture’s resident Alpha Tester, we couldn’t stop wondering how much better all our lives would be if she were the voice of EVERY talking computer... so we made that shit so! And we then of course took it too far. Robots and/or organic disembodied characters: You’re welcome to play, too!

Big thanks to Cheryll Del Rosario, who proved herself a very worthy GLaDOS indeed. If you’d like to hear more of our passable little impression, we created several more filthy clips of GLaDOS/Cheryll cursing her ass off in TalkRadar 148!

Apr 28, 2011

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