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GhostWire: Tokyo's director teases more details with this early look at the game in action

(Image credit: Bethesda)

GhostWire: Tokyo's creepy cool trailer impressed at E3 2019 as it introduced us to the big concepts behind the game, but something was missing. The CGI trailer didn't give us much of an idea of what the actual game will look or play like. Luckily we may now have our first look at GhostWire in action thanks to the Twitter feed of creative director Ikumi Nakamura (whose earnest and exuberant stage presence made her an E3 fave as well).

Nakamura's Tweet teases the main concepts for the game: "Raptured Apocalypse + Near Future Tokyo + Supernatural" with a link to the E3 trailer. Then it sets up a new video that appears to give us our first-ever look at the game with the question "Is this 'Normal' or 'Paranormal?'"

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The minute-long video shows a figure silhouetted against the bright neon lights of Tokyo in the background. The only clues that something unusual is going on are the fact that the figure's standing on a rooftop and that tons of birds keep swooping through the city, despite it being nighttime and rainy. This could just be pre-rendered CGI like the E3 trailer, but the way the figure stands still as their hair and little strap blows in the wind suggests to me that this is game footage, among other little details.

I'm already getting some deliciously eerie vibes from the idea of exploring the neon-bright streets of Tokyo by night with no other people in sight - just the knowledge that strange monsters are lurking in unseen corners. Honestly, I'm used to exploring Tokyo in the Yakuza games, so walking more than a few feet without some street toughs challenging me to a fight will be weird enough by itself.

It may be a while until you can get GhostWire: Tokyo, but you can start saving money for it right now with our early Amazon Prime day game deals. 

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