Get GTA IV on your PS3 now

It's all very well watching the incredible new GTA IV trailer on your computer or downloading it onto PSP for novelty value - well, what else are you using it for at the moment? But for the full cinematic experience why not download this ready-for-PS3 720p version and view it as it was meant to be: on a big HDTV with the sound turned up*.

- Download the filehereto your PC's desktop, stick it on a storage device compatible with your PS3 in a folder called 'video' and then plug it into your PS3 and play it back from the movies section of the XMB.

*Provided you a) have a PS3 and b) have a hi-def TV.

Above: GTA IV overkill? Watching the trailer on the 70-inch Bravia. Over and over again

April 4, 2007