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Get comfy and save big on the Secretlab Omega 2020 series gaming chair

(Image credit: Secretlab)

Ah, the luxury of sitting. Everyone loves a good sit, and you can settle in for a comfy gaming session and save big bucks during Black Friday with Secretlab's Omega 2020 series gaming chair. You can save yourself lots of coin on this swish sitting experience since it's currently on sale from just $324 / £269 on Secretlabs store using the Black Friday coupon. The coupon will currently save you an extra $35 / £30 off the already discounted retail price tag, so it's the perfect time to seal the deal. 

The Omega chair took the top spot in our round up of the best gaming chair and earned its place as the best overall gaming chair thanks to its sturdy durability. In our review we said it was extremely comfortable and supportive, with lovely soft fabric that has all the lumbar support and comfort we could ever need from a chair designed for all your lengthy gaming session needs. 

Secretlab Omega 2020 Series Gaming Chair (Stealth)| from $324 on Secretlab (save $116 using the coupon)
Save your bucks on the stylish sleek Stealth design complete with an Omega symbol in gold detailing. 

Secretlab Omega 2020 Series Gaming Chair (House Stark) | from $354 on Secretlab (save $106 using the coupon)
Save money and show your love for House Stark with the Game of Thrones iconic design. 

Secretlab Omega 2020 Series Gaming Chair (Stealth) | from £269 on Secretlab (save £131 using the coupon)
Sleek and stylish, you can save plenty of pennies on the black Stealth design using the Black Friday coupon. 

Secretlab Omega 2020 Series Gaming Chair (Overwatch) | from £299 (save £121 using the coupon)
Save and settle in for a round of Overwatch with the classic Overwatch logo or D.Va design.  

The flagship 2020 series comes in a variety of designs from the simple but stylish black Stealth design with gold detailing, to the more game-centric Overwatch, League of Legends, T1, and Dota 2 styles. There are also a variety of other looks to choose from, including House Stark, House Lannister, and House Targaryen designs for Game of Thrones fans, and a Dark Knight design for anyone who loves Batman. 

The chair is fitted with special cold-cure foam mix that was specially designed for firmness to offer great support that is both comfortable and good for your posture. You can also change up the support for your elbows and wrists with Secretlab's 4D armrests, fitted with an internal mechanism that enables you to adjust your armrest positions with ease and suit your support needs. 

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