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Get a free Nintendo Switch with this excellent Samsung S10 or iPhone 7 Plus deal

Get a free Nintendo Switch with this excellent Samsung S10 or iPhone 7 Plus deal
(Image credit: Nintendo)

If you're considering a new phone, then there are plenty of deals available that also bag you a free console or gaming package. We've found some great offers on the latest Samsung Galaxy phones, and a quality iPhone model bag you a FREE Nintendo Switch console. Plus, each deal has a cashback amount on it too, so there is already a discount to be taken advantage of. All of these deals are through and are some of the best free gaming console deals we've seen recently.

This is a great example of one of the best Samsung Galaxy S10 deals you'll be able to get your hands on right now. You'll get the flagship handset, unlimited texts and calls and 10GB of data, plus the Switch in grey, all for just £59.50 a month after the cashback. The S10 is a quality phone, and one of the most premium Android handsets you can get; it performs so well, in fact, it's among our picks for the best gaming phones.

As iPhone deals go, this is pretty good. The 7 Plus remains a good phone in the Apple family, despite, of course, not being the latest model. With this iPhone deal, you'll get 1GB of data and unlimited texts and calls, and the 32GB version of the iPhone itself, plus that sweet, sweet Nintendo Switch console in its entirety for £47 per month (after cashback). 

If you're after something a bit less flash on the phone front but that still nabs you the Nintendo Switch then you can also get the S10e which, after cashback, has a monthly cost of £49.50 per month, post cashback. This also has a larger 60GB data allowance so might be appealing on that front too.

These are undoubtedly some of the best Nintendo Switch deals currently on offer, particular as the console and its games are notorious for how well they hold onto their value. If you're in the right time for a phone upgrade, we wholeheartedly recommend investigating these.

We don't know precisely what we'll see this year in terms of the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals but you're unlikely to get one for free with a great phone, for much better than the above prices. But, if you fancy waiting, or aren't due a phone upgrade, then it is worth seeing how Nintendo's console and games will stack up during the Black Friday game deals generally.

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