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These cheap 4K tv deals are hot stuff in the UK right now: save big on solid Hisense models at Argos

These cheap 4K tv deals are hot stuff in the UK right now: save big on solid Hisense models at Argos
(Image credit: Hisense)

With a summer of backlog-clearing gaming before the PS5 and Xbox Series X land, and with sports starting to make a triumphant and glorious return, cheap 4K TV deals are always welcome. And this UK TV sale at Argos is particularly welcome. While the tech and electronic retailer often runs discounts on everything cool from TVs to console and sound systems, these Hisense TV price cuts are particularly tempting, offering savings of up to £200 off Roku-infused TVs.

Overall, the bang to buck ratio on these screens is enormous. Aside from the sizes themselves lending the TVs to being a home's 'main' TV, if you were setting aside a few hundred quid for an extra TV for your house, these models could be an excellent way to fulfill that plan.

We think the 65-inch variant offers the best value given its sizeable discount, but both the 55 and the 50-inchers are snips too. While Hisense is known to make 4K TVs for the budget end of the spectrum, they really have developed into a dependable and quality-meets-value manufacturer. They have excellent picture quality and colours in particular, making them great for gaming but also these TVs in particular come with Roku TV enabled. That rolls all of the go-to streaming apps and services into one convenient package, including Disney Plus and NowTV.

Given the value here - the pounds-to-screen-inch ratio - these are easily worth your time and attention. And if you want to see exactly how they compare to some of the best in the business, head over to our best gaming TVs guide to fully inform yourself and see how these Hisense models stack up.

A big public service announcement here is that with Argos, you are a slave to your postcode being a match for their stock in that area. Fingers crossed for you!

Cheap 4K TV deal

65-inch Hisense H65B7100UK 4K TV | £449 at Argos
The bang-to-buck ratio here is enormous for a solid TV that's also got all that Roku offers. The saving is a hefty £200 too! If you've been looking for a new main screen to fill a wall, then this is it - though with this price cut it's at an almost secondary-television price.View Deal

55-inch Hisense H55B7100UK 4K TV | £329 at Argos
At only a smidge more than the ever-so-slightly-smaller 50-inch screen below, this 55-inch 4K TV deal is a banger. Remember, you're getting all that Roku TV goodness and on a panel which will offer quality for entertainment and gaming.View Deal

50-inch Hisense H55B7100UK 4K TV | £299 at Argos
A 50-inch 4K TV for less than three hundred quid is, quite frankly, ridiculous value. If you're in need of a sub-300 pound auxiliary TV for another room or gaming setup, then look no further as this panel and deal gets an easy 'recommended' from us.View Deal

If you're one to chase the biggest pictures possible, you may want to consider one of the best projectors going which can throw massive pictures across your entire wall.

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