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Forza Horizon 3 Barn Find locations guide

Barn Find 11: Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec

This familiar import is in between the Rainforest and The Twelve Apostles. Head northwest of the centre of the hint circle. This thick wooded area can be challenging to navigate around. Ignore the orderly rows of farmland and look for the barn in a relatively open area that also includes a rundown shed.

Barn Find 12: Ford XB Falcon GT

This coveted muscle car is located south of Coober Pedy, north of the centre of the hint circle. There are a few dotted dirt roads within the circle; you want to head for the westmost dead end dirt road in the circle. There will be a shipping container nearby.

Barn Find 13: Maserati A6GCS Pininfarina Berlinetta

The only Maserati in the group is south of Kiewa Valley. It’s slightly east of the centre of the hint circle. Given the area’s lack of dense forests, finding this car should not prove difficult. Look for the lone barn in the open area, east of the highway that runs north and south.

Barn Find 14: Jaguar MK II 3.8

When you look at this Jaguar, you’ll wonder why anyone abandoned this beaut in the first place. You’ll find the barn near the coast, on the north end of The Twelve Apostles. It’s north of the centre of the hint circle. If you find a house with silos, you’re close by. The lone barn you’re looking for is slightly south of that house.

Barn Find 15: Ferrari 166MM Barchetta

As the final car in this collection, this Ferrari will also take the longest to restore, but it will be worth the wait. It is north of the highway and southeast of the Parkes Satellite Array. If you refer to the hint circle, it’s north of centre, close to the road that runs through the top of the circle. The barn can be found near a larger barn, a couple silos, and a tractor.