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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Shifty Shafts chest locations [D7] - 11 chests total

1. South-west underground

To the south-west of Shifty Shafts is the first underground section. There’s one chest here hidden behind a wooden wall.

2. End of the minecart track

In the main section, there’s another chest behind a wall. Follow the minecart track to find it.

3. Main underground section

Head north from chest #2. The final underground chest is behind a wall to the left, closer to the end of the tunnels.

4. In the main metal hut

At the top of the mine is a big metal hut. There’s one chest on the walkway.

5. Grounded roof 

Next to the big hut is a roof which appears partially buried. Smash it open to reveal another chest. 

6. Smaller hut with stairs 

Just along from the last chest is an open front hut with another chest and ammo box by a picnic table.

7. Back of the garbage truck on ground level

Next to the enormous mound of gravel is a garbage truck. There’s another chest in the back, by the end of the underground tunnels. 

8. Green room basement 

Over by the two houses, the southern one has a basement with a green room. There’s a chest down there.

9. Green room house attic

Break into the attic of the same building for another chest.

10. Broken bedroom

In the next house over, there’s a chest by the destroyed wall of the bedroom.

11. Kitchen roof

In the same building, the final chest is above the kitchen.

Fortnite Giant Chair chest locations [D8] - 5 chests total

1. Grey barn 

Inside the grey barn and on the wooden platform is the first chest here. 

2. House attic - south

Inside the main house, the next chest is in the attic toward the southern end.

3. House attic - north

At the other end of the same attic is another chest.

4. On the chair

On top of the enormous wooden chair is the fourth chest.

5. Dilapidated house

Up the hill behind the chair is a mostly destroyed house. The final chest is on the small platform at the top.

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