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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Retail Row chest locations [H6] - 19 chests total

1. Water tower

Starting in the south-east corner, the first chest is right up on top of the water tower.

2. Joel’s bar

The first building north of the water tower is Joel’s and you’ll find a chest behind the bar.

3. McGuffin’s book storage room

The next shop is McGuffin’s book shop. Head in and up the stairs, you’ll find this chest to your left when you enter the rather empty stockroom.

4. Fishing shop storage room

The shop at the end is a fishing store and it holds the next chest, at the back of its stockroom.

5. Noms delivery lorry

Behind the next set of shops is a lorry. Jump in the back to grab this chest.

6. Detective agency

The detective agency is the middle building in the second set and this chest is on the desk in the middle.

7. Noms chilled section

The big building is Noms, Fortnite’s famous supermarket chain. This chest is against the chilled produce at the end.

8. Noms delivery bay

Turn around and walk back towards the lorry. This chest is in the delivery bay, at the very top of some heavy duty shelves. You can use the crates to jump up there rather than building.

9. Northern white house attic

Jump down the ledge to the west of Noms and head into the wooden white house in front of you. This chest is in the attic.

10. Northern white house garage

Break through into the roof of the garage in the same house to grab this one.

11. Broken middle house attic

Next, move on to the barely-standing house in the middle. This chest is in the attic.

12. Broken middle house basement

Head downstairs and into the boiler room to find this chest behind a crate.

13. Northern brick house attic

Jump back down from the broken house and head into the brick house in the north-west corner for this chest in the attic.

14. Northern brick house garage

Break the wall behind the bed on the first floor to reach this chest.

15. Southern broken house attic

Up the road from the middle broken house is another, slightly less broken house with a chest in the attic.

16. Southern broken house first floor

On the floor below, this chest is in a room with a hole in the floor. Right in front of you as you walk up the stairs.

17. Basketball house attic

Right next to the southern broken house is another with a basketball court on the other side. This chest is in the attic.

18. Basketball house garage

Break through into the garage to find this chest.

19. Basketball house dog house

On the other side of the house is a chest inside a dog house, next to the basketball court.

Fortnite Camping Site chest locations [I5] - 3 chests

1. North end

The first chest here is at the northern end, sat on a chest near a purple motorhome.

2. Big red hut 1

Climb up to the roof of the big red hut and break through to find this chest.

3. Big red hut 2

This chest is right opposite on the same platform.

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