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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Lonely Lodge chest locations [I4/I5/J4/J5] - 12 chests total

1. Lodge roof 1

When you enter the lodge from the south entrance, this chest is immediately up and on your right.

2. Lodge roof 2

On the same side, break through the first wall into the bedroom then break another wall behind the drawers to reach this chest.

3. Lodge roof 3

Halfway up the lodge stairs are two mounted deer heads. Break the wall behind them to find this one.

4. Eastern hut roof

Leave the lodge and head east. There’s two small wooden huts - this chest is in the roof of the one up the slope with wooden planks blocking the door.

5. Sniper tower 1

The main attraction in Lonely Lodge is the enormous watchtower in the south-east corner. This is the first chest you’ll find, underneath the hut at the top. Break through the wooden beams to reach it.

6. Sniper tower 2

When you reach the top, this chest is inside the hut next to an ammo box.

7. Sniper tower 3

Follow the balcony round behind the hut for this chest at the very end.

8. Southern hut roof

Next to the sniper tower there’s a hut on the west side. This chest is in the roof.

9. Cliff campsite

This one’s easy to miss: build up the white cliff face west of the last chest. This one is right on top by a tent.

10. Cave

Drop down from the top of the cliff and you’ll find this chest toward the north side, in a small cave underneath the cliff.

11. Storage hut

Round the corner from the cave is this storage hut with canoes on the ground floor and a BBQ up the stairs. This chest is behind the BBQ.

12. Western hut roof

Lonely Lodge’s final chest is in the roof of the hut to the west, next to the grey outhouse.

Fortnite Mansion chest locations [J5/J6] - 4 chests total

1. Eastern gazebo

Start by walking round to the back of the mansion. This chest is in the roof of the gazebo overlooking the ocean.

2. Mansion gym

The top floor of the mansion is the remains of a gym, so head inside and up the stairs till you find this chest.

3. Basement headquarters

This was a superhero mansion so in the basement, there’s a chest in the remains of the central control room.

4. Basement garage

All the superheroes have taken their vehicles so this cave/garage is vacant, leaving space for this chest.

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