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Exclusive: Tron Legacy Image 4

Today we present the fourth and final exclusive Tron Legacy image... and this one features a disappearing act.

The first and second images showed Sam Flynn (Garret Hedlund) approach the derclict Flynn's Arcade, to investigate his father's disappearance 25 years ago.

Yesterday, the third image showed Sam inside the abandoned amusement den, featuring dust covered arcade games eerily lit up as he walks past.

And today... well we can now see the titular Tron game cabinet, but crucially, no Sam...

Click here to see a larger image.

Perhaps he's just bent down out of shot to tie his shoelace...

But maybe, just maybe, Sam Flynn has fulfilled his Legacy and entered the game, to join his father (Jeff Bridges) in the ultimate face-off against Tony Blair (Michael Sheen).

No word yet on whether Sheen's character will be called Tony Blair, but we do know he'll be the bad guy in Tron, and he'll at least look like the former PM.

Did we mention Daft Punk are doing the soundtrack?

Trailer to follow next week. We may just pass out from excitement!

So, Tron Legacy? Or Tron Fallacy? Leave a comment!