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The Evil Within Locker Key and Statue locations guide

Chapter 14 - Ulterior Motives

Key #41

At the start of the chapter, approach the neon yellow sign to the left and look up into the hole in the ceiling to spot the statuette. Shoot it to get the key.

Key #42

When Sebastian reaches the point at which he can see the string of subway cars, proceed to the right and through the carriages. The figurine is at the end of the carriage on the right-hand side.

Key #43

After your first sighting of a giant tentacle, follow the tunnel and head through the door on the right.

Follow the path to the end to find the figurine.

Key #44

Once you defeat Quell of a thousand tentacles, head back to the lift and start up the generator. This will reveal a squishy mass at the end of the corridor on the right where you can find the statuette.

Key #45

After you step off the lift, follow the only path available to you and you'll run across the statuette, brazenly sitting in your way. Smash it and grab the key.

Congratulations! You now have enough keys to steal all of Nurse Tatiana's worldly goods from right under her nose. If only she paid as much attention to the hospital's inventory as she did to filing her nails. No one's fingernails are that unkempt. Do some bloody work!

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