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The Evil Within collectibles locations guide

Chapter 6 - Losing Grip on Ourselves

Get ready for full on horde mode in this chapter. The Haunted are everywhere and what's more, Sebastian is dragging around a spluttering Joseph who could potentially turn at any minute. On the plus side, you'll finally get your mitts on a sniper rifle. So that's something to lift your spirits!

Newspaper #8

At the start of the chapter, Sebastian will find himself in the office at the back of the save area. The newspaper is on the desk in front of him.

Map Fragment #11

Joseph and Sebastian will eventually come to a lift that's snagged on a dead body. Before you leave the area, grab the map fragment from the floor behind it.

Personal Document #6

Before you board the elevator, pop into the bloodied door behind it that leads to the save area, and you'll find the Personal Document on the left.

Newspaper #9

After collecting the Personal Document, visit the save room and take the newspaper from the stand in the lobby.

Audiotape #3

When you arrive at the abandoned marketplace, follow the wall around to the right.

Follow the path down here and through the grubby sacking flapping in the breeze.

The Audiotape will be on a table to your right.

Map Fragment #12

After a short cutscene in which you're dragging Joseph around some more, you'll end up in this room. The Map Fragment is lying on top of a small cage to the left of the table covered in meat.

Newspaper #10

Before leaving the building you find yourself in at the end of the cutscene, pop through the door to the save area and grab the newspaper from the lobby.

Missing Person Poster #5

In the save area, visit the notice board in the lobby to find the next Missing Person Poster.

Document #6

After dealing with the 2 Guardians (believe me, you'll know them when you see them), Joseph will tell you to meet him by some horse statues. This is the only available path, so wander over there and pick up the document from the floor.

Document #7

Once you've solved the meat sack puzzle, follow the tunnel until it pops out into a room with a desk on the other side. The document is lying on here.

Document #8

After you've picked up Document #7, follow the tunnel until you see a corpse on the floor. The Document is next to it.

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